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Horses Helping Humans during COVID19
Medicine Horse has been offering free/low cost programs in Boulder since 2000 that support mental health and wellness and horses are our co-therapists. 

During this epidemic we're unable to offer our normal programs at the barn and thus, we've started a YouTube channel where we post our animal herd updates and have begun to add musical videos too to give our clients and supporters some relief and entertainment during these difficult times.  If anyone knows an artist who'd like to send some music our way (poetry, comedy, magic, etc.), I'd be happy to have the help.  F Blues guru, Jack Hadley, will be going up this weekend and Hazel Miller has also offered.  But we need more!  Here's our 1wk old YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkjYhkwsqRdUKOvVn1HDyIQ?view_as=subscriber

Effective fundraising during this pandemic has been a serious challenge and keeping our animals healthy is our priority.  Sponsoring our therapist herd helps us a LOT. You can learn more about sponsorship and meet our herd therapists here: https://www.medicinehorse.org/horses

* If you're able/willing to follow us on FB and YouTube to simply help us spread the word, that is also a great help.  

* If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health issues, we have (human) therapists who can help over the phone or zoom. 

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