News Release: 12/13/2022

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December 13, 2022
Join us for a tasting of arguably Austria’s most famous grape, Gruner Veltliner! With citrus notes and an herbaceous undertone, this wine is CRISP and pairs extremely well with any type of seafood. 
Rosé? All Day? Beaujolais?! This cousin of the famous Pinot noir grape, Gamay (the grape used to make wines from Beaujolais, France) is one of the most underrated varietals in the world, and it is rare to find it as a rosé. This glass will refresh you on its own or even paired with a creamy pasta.
This blend made from Organic Grapes is composed of mostly Petit Verdot, with Cabernet Franc and Malbec mixed in. Rich blueberry notes are nicely compented by its soft, refined tannic structure thanks to its large oak barrel aging process
This time, it's Malbec’s time to shine. High mountain vines in this region provide the wine with excellent drainage allowing the flavors in the grape to concentrate. This translates to the glass with a LONG finish of blue and black berry notes, and a subtle mocha and leather finish. 
Sanjay Sardana, Owners
sanjay@pettyjohns.com, (303) 499-2337

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