FREE Public Speaking Class--Speaker's Playground

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Name: FREE Public Speaking Class--Speaker's Playground
Date: January 29, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM MST
Event Description:

Do you want to be a confident, open-hearted, knock-their-socks-off speaker whose audiences lean in and say “TELL ME MORE!” every time you take the stage?

Do you want to find your power and presence as a speaker, and even discover that you love doing it?

Do you find yourself watching other speakers take the stage and ooze with jealousy cuz you want to be up there doing the same?

Come on. Be honest.

YOU'VE GOT THIS BUSINESS. You totally rock it with the clients you have...but you know you could do better. You know that speaking is the best way to reach them, to position yourself as an expert, and there's someone else up there who does something kinda like you, and she's up there speaking and all your potential clients are running her way and inside you're screaming “Hey! Over here! What about me?!”

YOU'VE GOT THIS JOB, AND YOU KNOW IT COULD BE SO MUCH MORE THAN A JOB. You have opportunities to advance in your career, be the leader you’re meant to be, take the lead on projects that matter, but every time the opportunity to speak gets handed to you, you turn it down because you’re afraid if you mess it up it would be a strike against you.

YOU WANT TO BE AN AGENT OF CHANGE. You’re passionate about making a difference. You know the power of speaking your truth, challenging the status quo, taking the lead on big, bold movements that will make a difference in your community and the world. But you stay in the background, pass it off to someone else, convince yourself they’ll do a better job anyway, and keep your voice and your passion to yourself.

Whatever part of yourself has decided to stay small in the name of staying safe, let's call that fear.

I've got news for you...
That fear? It’s just energy.
AND It’s the doorway to your speaking power.

It's there because you have something to say that matters.

You've got a story to tell that others want to hear, even need to hear.

Your fear is doing its job and taking good care of you. Now you get to do yours and take good care of it.

If you learn to use THE ENERGY of fear and nervousness rather than stuff it, it will help you express yourself in a more powerful, dynamic and authentic way.

And when you express yourself in a more powerful, dynamic and authentic way, your audiences will raise their hands to follow you. ?

I want to show you how to do that. That's just one of the things will work on in The Speaker's Playground!

Come get a taste
on Tuesday, January 29th.

This is a free class to get you on your feet and speaking—with confidence, poise, and power that invites audiences to lean in and say TELL ME MORE.

In this free session you’ll learn:

  • How to shake off the tension & fear that keeps you stuck in your safety zone
  • 3 valuable and simple tools that will transform your speaking power
  • The number 1 secret that will leave you feeling excited for your next opportunity to speak??

We'll have a fun and energizing time that will help transform fear and nervousness into DYNAMIC POWER and AUTHENTIC PRESENCE--so you can step onto a bigger stage, speak your truth in its fullest power, tell the story you were meant to tell and serve the people you were meant to serve.

Tuesday, January 29th, 6-8pm FREE!

PLUS bonus offers if you sign up for the ongoing practice group The Speaker’s Playground. ?

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Boulder Chamber of Commerce
Date/Time Information:
Tuesday, January 29, 6-8pm
Contact Information:
Johanna Walker
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