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Save $205 on a Comprehensive NeuroStructural Examination
Just a Donation of $50 to Our Charity of the Month: Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance
How would you like to feel good, function at top efficiency and create the healthy life you really want to live? At Network Family Wellness Center, you can have a healing experience that reaches far beyond conventional chiropractic. You can take advantage of a cutting-edge chiropractic process that utilizes gentle, non-invasive touch that frees up blocked energy in your body, heals your damaged nerve system, trains your body to handle stress in a healthier way and reduces or eliminates painful symptoms you may be experiencing. Other benefits include increased energy levels, better sleep, and increased immunity to illness and disease.

And here’s even more good news for you: the first step in your journey to optimal health is to do a spinal evaluation, so you can see what’s happening with your spine, your nervous system and your

overall health.

You receive two visits, the first is to do the evaluation and the second is to go over your results with a doctor, discuss a care plan and receive your first network spinal adjustment. Normally you would need to invest $255 to receive all that care. Since you are a Chamber member, your investment is only $50, which will be donated to the Network Family Wellness Center Charity of the Month: Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance! You save $205 and a worthy charity receives much-needed support. It’s a true win-win!

To schedule a time to come in for your testing, simply call (303) 998-1000, tell Savannah you’re a Chamber member and arrange your time!

Looking forward to meeting you,

Dr. Daniel and Richelle Knowles D.C.,

Dr. Michelle Green D.C.

Network Family Wellness Center Team
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Offer Valid: February 6, 2019February 28, 2019
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