Production Assistant

OZO Coffee Company
Job Description
Job Title: Production Assistant
Reports to: Director of Wholesale

How to apply: Send cover letter and resume to – alj@ozocoffee.com

Your Role: The production assistant, as a member of the wholesale department at OZO
Coffee Co., is responsible for consistently, accurately, and efficiently meeting daily
production goals of packaging and order preparation. They must be a team player, willing
to work hard under pressure and keep a positive attitude and represent company values.
The ability to lift 50-75 pounds regularly throughout the workday is a must. They will be
responsible for warehouse cleanliness and conducting inventory. This is a great job for
someone interested in coffee, its production, and the coffee industry as a whole.
Experience is a plus, but willing to train the right person.

You get:
• Medical and dental insurance
• Accrued PTO – after 90 days of excellent performance
• 401k Package
• Membership to YMCA
• 1 lb of coffee per week
• Excellent growth opportunity
• Professional Development Opportunities – including roasting training after 6 months
of excellent performance
• Work on a variety of different specialty equipment and channels in the industry

In this position you will:
• Label, weigh, pack and ship all outbound orders including coffee, tea and small
• Fill pars for bags, update orders sheet with any add on orders, and prep for the next production day
• Assist in managing label, bag and box inventory
• Very efficient and accurate packaging of freshly roasted coffees
• Ability to work independently, as well as part of a team
• Maintaining a clean and organized work space
• Ensure accurate and timely shipments
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