News Release: 11/11/2020

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November 11, 2020

Free 22 Critical Virtual Presenter Skills in 20 Minutes 

2021 Course Curriculum - Schedule and Save Now to Amp Up Your Virtual Sales and Virtual Events with Virtual Presenter Professional Certification

Be the Best Virtual Event and Enterprise Sales Power Presenter Ever on Zoom or Any Other Virtual Event Virtual Meeting solution

- Learn to focus on the issues, not just the presenter, focus on problems, decision-makers, stop killing the audience by being boring, gain actionable ways to gain-engage-retain audience and customers.

Some of the 22 Critical Concepts includes:

- Virtual will be harder but longer lasting

- Virtual will be the same but different

- Virtual will be very different

- Virtual will not be what we thought it would be

- Content will always remain critical

- Talking Points, Not Talking Heads

- Meeting Elements

- Audience

- Venue, Agenda

- Pace - Speed of Talking and Reading

- Bullets - 10 Concepts You Better Get Right

- Format - Who’s Talk, When, Why, etc.

- Starting Time On Time

- Rehearsing - Why and Because

- Content - “a confused mind always says no”

- Q&A - why they really are there

- Ending - Don’t Stop !

- Overcoming Meeting Madness - It’s Not

- Fatigue, It’s Boring

And a few more surprises

For details and scheduling go here: https://conta.cc/2Uen6pa

cross@gocross.com, (303) 594-1694

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